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Demographics :

2OO1 census, had a population chirgaon population of 14 105. 53% of men and women was 47%.

Male literacy of 75% and female literacy of 59%, with 67% average literacy rate of chirgaon. Individuals 14% of the population is under 6 years of age.

Railway :

Chirgaon electronic Indian rail network is served by a station. Chirgaon railway station (station code: CGN) is operated by the Division of North Central Railway Zone - Jhansi Jn.

For Jhansi Junction :

  1. Lucknow, Jhansi Passenger (Lucknow / LKO and Jhansi / JHS between)
  2. Sabarmati Express (Darbhanga / DBG and Ahmedabad / etc between)
  3. Gorakhpur / GKP and Lokmanya Tilak / LTT between Kushinagar Express (Mumbai)
  4. Lucknow, Jhansi Intercity Express (Lucknow / LKO and Jhansi / JHS between)
  5. Kanpur-Jhansi Passenger (between Kanpur Central / CNB and Jhansi / JHS)
  6. Gwalior Mail (eyelash / BJU and Gwalior / GWL middle)
  7. Sabarmati Express (Varanasi / SBS and Ahmedabad / etc between)

For Kanpur Central :

  1. Jhansi-Lucknow Passenger (Jhansi / JHS and Lucknow / LKO between)
  2. Sabarmati Express (Ahmedabad / AD and Darbhanga / DBG between)
  3. Kushinagar Express (Lokmanya Tilak / LTT (Mumbai) and Gorakhpur / GKP)
  4. Jhansi-Lucknow Intercity Express (Jhansi / JHS and Lucknow / LKO between)
  5. Jhansi-Kanpur Passenger (Jhansi / JHS and Kanpur Central / CNB)
  6. Fair Gwalior (Gwalior / GWL and eyelash / BJU between)
  7. Sabarmati Express (Ahmedabad / AD and BSB / Varanasi between)

To know in Detail : http://www.indianrail.gov.in/

Health Care :

Chirgaon state a primary health center, is served by, where available, for taking care of a local general practitioners and specialists around the team and patients. Doctors' private practices are also in service. Many you get, where all kinds of drugs, including licensed medical stores, there are medicines Ayurveda. Doctors chirgaon Forms

Dr Uttam Chand Jain, Dr. Uma Shankar Sahariya, Dr. OP Chaturvedi, Dr. Vivek Rajput, Dr Subodh Pandey, Dr. Virendra Mohan Roy, Dr. Rajesh Singh (MBBS), Dr. Sana Ullah Khan (BAMS), Dr Vinod Viswari (BAMS), Dr Ravindra Dubey (B.A.M.S.) and Dr Chand

Places of Interest :

Chirgaon beauty has many attractions. Below are a few choice:

  • Shiva Sai Mandir
  • Shri Hanuman Vatika
  • Parichha Dam
  • Gayatri Mandir

Business Industry :

Chirgaon and the surrounding areas depend mainly on agriculture trade. And in the development of Hakshetr chirgaon around and therefore no industry is dead. Most of those involved in the agricultural industry are illiterate. And they handle their crops unscientifically and highest return on their investment is pure and therefore most of them are in the hands of the workers and always face the situation. Chirgaon chirgaon a huge pot in a large industrial area in the middle of the factory are not.

Chirgaon and the surrounding area are highly neglected by the central and state government Hanka business or industrial development in the area for any development initiative.