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History of Chirgaon

Maithilisharan Gupta (1885-1964)

Mr. Pandit Mahavir Prasad Dwivedi law inspired by the standing bid you put into your work and standing by his poetry as a spoken language in a poetic worked tirelessly in building and as such braj-rich poetic language Except for time and favorable references the new poets made it through his poetic expression. Hindi poetry is the greatest contribution to the history of the secret law.

Purity, morality and the protection of traditional human relationships are the first qualities of the poetry of secret law, the Panchavati from jayadratha slaughter , Yashodhararaje and Saket in the prestigious and are assumed. Saket is the creation of the highest peak.

He will live forever through his writings and in the centuries to be a source of inspiration for new poets.

Rao Singh Ju Deo

Chirgaon chirgaon Jhansi district in the heart of the literary terms Jnmanv exists as a home to a pilgrimage. On the other hand, is less important than its historical background. 1525 E 0 Rao Singh Ju Deo of Orchha's son Naresh Maharaj Kunwar Hukum Singh Ju Deo chirgaon city was built. Three hundred years it was the capital of Bundelon.

Chirgaon homestead was established in the year 1556 AD 0. The area near the hotel was known as the first Awpra. Awpara that time was a town, and it was even said that I was twelve Gdihyalen rings. Sun 1556 AD Singh Ju Deo 0 chirgaon enticing fort built by Rao and took a homestead of 28 villages. Before he was under Orchha state, but currently Tikamgarh Orchha state's court of chirgaon Rao was the first chair.

Mr. Rao Singh Ju Deo idol early education took place in the village character. Middle and Near here in 1923 AD 0 Makdonl high school to higher education, Jhansi, which today Bipin Bihari Inter College, Jhansi is known, was admitted. They were fond of hunting large.